Calling all Futurists! Let’s make an altar! This Nourishment Altar is a JOY AND PLEASURE PRACTICE that we have been enjoying. Please join us!

And during Sean Dorsey Dance’s AT-HOME Season in April 2021, we’ll invite you to create you Nourishment Altar and share it on social media!


  • Give yourself some time – at least 20-30 minutes. You’re worth it!

  • Choose a place where you can create your Nourishment Altar.

  • Have a journal, paper, and pen nearby (or anything you use for writing). If writing is not available to you, you can do internal reflection or anything that works for YOUR bodymind.

  • Prepare the area by cleaning or dusting it, or placing some special fabric down.


  • Spend some time moving through your space, and choose/collect 3 objects from your space that feel NOURISHING to you.

  • (These are objects that or items that are nourishing to you, that feel nourishing, or that remind you of things/places/people/beings/feelings that are nourishing. You want these objects to make you feel super yummy, nourished and GOOOOOOD!)


  • Bring these 3 objects next to your altar space.

  • Place each object, one at a time, onto your altar.

  • If physically collecting and placing objects on your altar is not available to you, choose 3 objects in your mind/heart, and energetically bring them together in your imagination.


  • Enjoy a few moments of quiet time at your altar: deepening your breath, or meditating, or praying, or singing, or doing self-massage, or just BEING.

  • Spend 30 seconds focusing your attention on your 1st object of nourishment:

    • What feels nourishing about this object?
    • What feelings or thoughts or body sensations does this object bring to you?
  • Then repeat this process with your 2nd object of nourishment, and then with your 3rd objects of nourishment:

    • What feels nourishing about this object?
    • What feelings or thoughts or body sensations does this object bring to you?


Writing in your journal, on paper, or on your device (or through internal reflection), spend 5 minutes writing in response to each of these questions (spend about 5 minutes with each question):

  • What is YOUR STORY about receiving nourishment? What is the tape that plays in your head about you receiving nourishment?”

  • What would you LIKE your story to be about receiving nourishment?”

  • What is IN THE WAY of changing your story?”

  • What are 3 things that YOU CAN DO in your life to change your story about nourishment?”
  • Once you’ve written down 3 things you can do, take ANOTHER piece of paper and write down these 3 things you can do on this new piece of paper. (If writing is not available to you, bring these 3 things into your bodymind/imagination.)

  • Read these 3 things slowly to yourself at least twice.
  • Now place this new piece of paper on your altar. (If this is not available to you, take the time to repeat these 3 things to yourself in your mind/heart.)

  • Spend some time just BEING with your Nourishment Alter: breathing, or dreaming, or giving yourself self-massage, or just enjoying your Nourishment Altar.

  • CONGRATULATIONS on taking this loving time for YOU!


You can keep your nourishment altar assembled, or you can disassemble it. Either way, the magic still happens. Either way, you are inviting NOURISHMENT into your bodymind, your heart and your FUTURE!

What other kinds of altars would you like to create?

An altar for your Ancestors?
An altar for Joy and Pleasure?
An altar for our Collective Liberation?
The multi-verse is the limit!

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