Sean Dorsey Dance awarded an Izzie for outstanding Music/Sound/Text!

Sean Dorsey Dance was awarded an IZZIE for outstanding achievement in Music/Sound/Text for THE MISSING GENERATION! Soundscore design and text by Sean Dorsey, with original music by Alex Kelly, Jesse Olson Bay, Ben Kessler, and Jeffrey Alphonsus Mooney — and sound engineering by Laura Dean.

Sean Dorsey Dance was also nominated for Best Company Performance in THE MISSING GENERATION. The Isadora Duncan Dance Awards (or “the Izzies”) are the Academy Awards for dance here in the Bay Area.


THE MISSING GENERATION is a dance-theater work that gives voice to longtime survivors of the early AIDS epidemic. This powerful show is a love letter to a forgotten generation of survivors – those who witnessed and experienced the loss of part of an entire generation of gay and transgender people to AIDS in the 1980s and 1990s.

Sean Dorsey created the work over a 2-year period by conducting oral history interviews with longtime survivors of the early AIDS epidemic, doing archival research, and hosting Community Residencies in 6 cities across the US. Read more about “THE MISSING GENERATION LGBT/AIDS Oral History Project”.

THE MISSING GENERATION features full-throttle dance, luscious partnering, intimate storytelling and theater – performed by Dorsey’s stellar, multi-generational ensemble of dancers: Sean Dorsey, Brian Fisher, ArVejon Jones and Nol Simonse. Sean Dorsey is an award-winning transgender and queer choreographer who has toured his work to 25 cities across the US.

Dorsey created a lush multi-layered soundscore featuring the voices and remarkable real-life stories recorded in these oral history interviews, Dorsey’s own writing, and original music from a stellar team of composers: Alex Kelly, Jesse Olsen Bay, Ben Kessler, and Jeffrey Alphonsus Mooney.