Composite image featuring 4 photographs of 4 Sean Dorsey Dance dancers. Each dancer is pictured from the shoulders up, and their eyes are closed; their mouths are shaped in a gentle almost-smile. From left: Will Woodward is a Black masculine person with short black hair;; he is not wearing a shirt. Nol Simonse is a white masculine person with a shaved head and blonde-brown beard stubble; he wears a black tshirt. Raul Torres-Bonilla is a Puerto Rican masculine person with short brown hair – the top is bleached blonde; he wears a grey v-neck shirt and a silver necklace. Sean Dorsey is a white trans masculine person with short dark brown hair; he wears a dark grey v-neck tshirt.
Pictured: Will Woodward, Nol Simonse, Raúl Torres-Bonilla, Sean Dorsey


September 14 – October 2, 2020


Due to COVID-19, Sean Dorsey Dance will not travel to NCC-Akron (Ohio), but will instead conduct a VIRTUAL residency!

Sean Dorsey and Sean Dorsey Dance will dive into an exploration of Creative Process during a three-week Virtual Residency with the National Center for Choreography – Akron this September and October!

Located at The University of Akron in Northeast Ohio, The Center provides dance makers and their collaborators with a wide array of research opportunities, working spaces, resources and — perhaps most importantly — unencumbered time to think and create. 

Due to COVID-19, Phase One of our Residency will be conducted virtually: instead of traveling to NCC-Akron, the members of Sean Dorsey Dance and our collaborators will conduct a virtual residency together (but apart) while sheltering in place.

Using new technology like Zoom and laptops, along with old technology like postcards, journaling and pen and paper, Sean Dorsey Dance will be supported to DREAM, investigate, explore and stretch in our Creative Process.

Our Residency will include research, play and testing of different approaches to Creative Process, movement research, conversation, meditation, play and experimentation.

The National Center for Choreography supports the research and development of new work in dance. We are so grateful to NCC-Akron for this incredible support and opportunity!

Phase Two of our Residency will include Sean Dorsey Dance traveling to NCC-Akron once it is totally safe to do so.