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[The main web page contains text, a photo collage of the Sean Dorsey Dance Company: Will Woodward, Nol Simonse, Raúl Torres-Bonilla, and Sean Dorsey. Throughout the page are graphics of stars, moons, planets, and the solar system]


Spell / Incantation

The Lost Art Of Dreaming is a spell, a danced invocation, a loving invitation to reclaim, remember, re-connect, conjure, co-create and manifest our birthright:

Joy, pleasure, well-being, freedom, love, connection, liberation.

This is an incantation.
We [Sean Dorsey Dance and our collaborators] are futurists. And chances are, so are you.

A “Futurist” is simply someone working for change – someone who wants a different and better outcome for this world: transformative justice, more love, less harm, a healthy planet, the dismantling of white supremacy, unbridled pleasure without guilt, healing, and joyful collective liberation.

Futurists have our eye on the prize,
and we forge better futures for each other as an act of love.

We forge better futures for each other as an act of love.

We futurists know that change can be joyful.

We futurists believe our future can be pleasurable in the making.

We futurists believe our liberation can be pleasurable in the making.

We use joy, pleasure and wellness as our guiding star.

If you are working for change – through activism, organizing, art or love … in your family or in your community … then you are working for a different and better future. You are a futurist. 

We invite all futurists and potential futurists to join us on this multi-year journey … we’ll travel around the sun several times together to pursue The Lost Art Of Dreaming. 

The Lost Art Of Dreaming is a spell, and as we all know spells can be spoken, danced, dreamed, drawn, written, chanted, signed, or sung.

Here are some of the spells we will create as we pursue The Lost Art Of Dreaming:
Sometimes we’ll dance together. Sometimes we’ll dance for you. Sometimes we’ll invite other artists to create wonderful things & share them. Sometimes we’ll invite you to create wonderful things & share them. 

We will make dance films and share them with you.

We will invite you to sign The Futurist Pledge.

We will reveal The Dictionary Of Joy And Pleasure.

We will mail you Postcards From The Future.

We will offer an invitation to create a nourishment altar.

We’ll work with/in communities all over in Dream Labs.*
*creative spaces where folks are invited to dance, write, sing, craft and creatively express what it is they most want/dream of for the future.

We’ll share a FIRST LOOK at our new dances at our AT-HOME Season (April 16-18, online and free!)

We’ll make a SHOW (we will premiere it in San Francisco in Spring 2022).

Then later, we’ll go on tour (2022-2024) – and we’ll travel with our show, with Dream Labs and with pockets full of spells, rituals, workshops, food and other nourishing goodies to share in community.

Together we’ll create. 

Together we’ll create solitary, shared and community rituals, we’ll dance and sweat and tell stories to each other and ourselves, we’ll laugh and most likely we will cry too, we will call in and invoke healing, joy, well-being, pleasure and liberation.

Will you join us?

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