TRANSform Dance


TRANSform Dance is our national education program that provides resources, education and leadership development in order to identify and remove systemic barriers, increase trans/gnc participation and leadership, and advance trans equity in Dance.

TRANSform Dance is a response to the continued crisis of exclusion of trans gender-nonconforming (GNC) bodies, voices and leadership in Dance. TRANSform Dance works to transform transpeople’s access, experience and leadership (or lack thereof) in Dance and to transform the national field in order to advance trans equity.

TRANSform Dance’s activities are offered during residencies or short-term visits with dance schools, service organizations, presenters, conferences and convenings, venues, dance companies and other nonprofit arts organizations.

TRANSform Dance’s activities include:

  • Trans-led workshops and class series for trans/gnc communities
  • Trans-led workshops and class series for mixed (cisgender and trans) populations
  • Sean Dorsey as guest teaching artist/instructor at dance departments, schools and conservatories
  • Lectures and speaking engagements
  • “DANCE YOUR STORY!” dance and self-expression workshops for trans/gnc communities
  • Trans-101 and Trans-201 literacy trainings for dance schools, theaters, service organizations, presenters, dance companies and nonprofits
  • Trans leadership development
  • National and advocacy for trans equity and leadership in Dance

TRANSform Dance is directed by Sean Dorsey. Dorsey is an award-winning transgender choreographer, dancer, advocate and longtime community activist; he has been making and touring work, supporting and presenting trans/GNC artists, and championing trans artistic leadership for 20 years.

Please contact General Manager Shawna Virago for more information or requests: