Futurist Pledge -Text Only

The Futurist Pledge

I am precious
I am worthy
I am worthy of love
I am worthy of self-love

I deserve well-being
I deserve healing
I deserve liberation
I deserve to be uplifted, protected and celebrated

I am deserving of joy
I want to feel pleasure without guilt
I want to dream wildly

Like all beings, I am whole
And I am connected to all beings
I am connected to my ancestors and
to generations yet to come
My liberation is connected to all beings’ liberation

My joy is connected to
your joy is connected to
my well-being is connected to
your well-being is connected to
the planet’s well-being is connected to
our collective love that drives our collective liberation

Today I declare that a future of joy + pleasure + love + well-being + liberation is my birthright

love always,
(sign your name here)
(today’s date)