by Sean Dorsey Dance

Composite image featuring 4 photographs of 4 Sean Dorsey Dance dancers. Each dancer is pictured from the shoulders up, and their eyes are closed; their mouths are shaped in a gentle almost-smile. From left: Will Woodward is a Black masculine person with short black hair;; he is not wearing a shirt. Nol Simonse is a white masculine person with a shaved head and blonde-brown beard stubble; he wears a black tshirt. Raul Torres-Bonilla is a Puerto Rican masculine person with short brown hair – the top is bleached blonde; he wears a grey v-neck shirt and a silver necklace. Sean Dorsey is a white trans masculine person with short dark brown hair; he wears a dark grey v-neck tshirt.
Pictured: Will Woodward, Nol Simonse, Raúl Torres-Bonilla, Sean Dorsey

Sean Dorsey Dance’s new multi-year project THE LOST ART OF DREAMING will explore expansive Future thinking and imagination.

Through movement research, community conversation, online video postcards, DREAM LABS and a world premiere performance at Z Space (San Francisco) in December 2021, the project will challenge longtime fatalistic American constructs that deny our communities the space to dream about our own Futures.


THE LOST ART OF DREAMING project has changed in scale and scope since COVID-19 hit our communities: we have expanded the project in both scale and duration, and we have converted all activities for now to be online/video/on Zoom during shelter-in-place (for the safety of our collaborators and our communities).

THE LOST ART OF DREAMING project will include:

  • Movement research, conversation and writing explorations by the members of Sean Dorsey Dance in our rehearsals (on Zoom right now and until it is completely safe to meet in person);
  • Video postcards (short dance films) created by the members of Sean Dorsey Dance (SDD) to share online and in community;
  • Our online Dictionary of Joy and Pleasure – a FREE resource for YOU!;
  • FREE creative project videos made by us — including how to create A Nourishment Altar;
  • Free online DREAM LABS: creative exploration and workshop spaces where participants are invited and supported to move/dance/write/sing/creatively express what it is they want and DREAM of for their lives, their bodies, their communities;
  • Free online videos created by collaborating artists;
  • Once it is completely safe to return to in-person rehearsals, Sean Dorsey Dance will create a new evening-length work: THE LOST ART OF DREAMING will feature full-throttle movement, grand-scale costuming, luscious queer partnering and live storytelling. The work is scheduled to premiere at Z Space (San Francisco) in December 2021.
  • THE LOST ART OF DREAMING will then tour to 15+ cities – bringing performances, free DREAM LABS, free trans-supportive dance workshops and community conversations as we travel.

What does it mean to DREAM in a white supremacist culture/country? How do we re/connect to our DREAMS in gender-nonconforming and trans bodies? Were your ancestors allowed to DREAM? Have you ever imagined a joyous FUTURE for yourself? Does DREAMING feel dangerous for you? What would it feel like to have EXPANSIVE thoughts about your FUTURE? What could become possible?




Sean Dorsey, Nol Simonse, Raúl Torres-Bonilla and Will Woodward

Anomie Belle, LD Brown, Frida Ibarra, Alex Kelly, Ben Kessler

Tiffany Amundson

Emily Paulson

Clyde Sheets

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 THE LOST ART OF DREAMING has been commissioned by American Dance Festival, Dance Place (Washington DC), 7 Stages (Atlanta GA), Velocity Dance Center (Seattle WA), Queer Cultural Center (San Francisco CA); and will be developed in a virtual residency with the National Choreography Center in Akron (Akron OH).

THE LOST ART OF DREAMING has been awarded support from the commissioners above, and from the California Arts Council, Kenneth Rainin Foundation, New England Foundation for the Arts’ National Dance Project – with lead funding from the Doris Duke Charitable Foundation and The Andrew W. Mellon Foundation, National Endowment for the Arts, National Performance Network and San Francisco Arts Commission.