Ooooooooooooh we are VERY excited about this, dear ones! But you have to wait a little bit longer in order to travel through Space and Time with us …

We will offer POSTCARDS FROM THE FUTURE at the world premiere of The Lost Art of Dreaming by Sean Dorsey Dance  at Z Space (November 18-20, 2022) … when audience members will get to take home FREE Postcards!

We commissioned 4 brilliant visual artists and illustrators to design and create a NEW piece of art … especially for YOU! We’ve printed these gorgeous new artworks on a series of full-color postcards.

POSTCARDS FROM THE FUTURE will also be available at tour performances of The Lost Art of Dreaming.

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a bust view of art twink, a thin, light-skinned Bengali-American on a yellow fabric backdrop. their long curly black hair is in a messy bun on top of their head, with a clean-shaven face except a mustache & eyebrows shaved into dog brows. they are wearing winged eye-liner with red & blue eyeshadow & red lipstick. they have a bridge & septum piercing with small round & gold glasses & a purple floral unbuttoned shirt.

art twink

art twink grew up drawing scenes and critters they thought up to comfort themselves and their friends, and that mission continues to this very day. Their latest project has been illustrating My Paati’s Saris by Jyoti Rajan Gopal coming out later this year.

TupiliLea E. Arellano

TupiliLea E. Arellano is a 69 year old Two Spirit Elder, medicine person, musician, spoken word artist, writer, painter, lover, and dancer, living in Oakland, CA.

Wripley M. Bennet

Wriply Marie Bennet, is an unapologetic Black Trans Women,a proud self-taught and nationally recognized artist, activist/organizer born and raised in Ohio. A founding member of BQIC. Co-Founder of Thorn self defense project. And one of the Black Pride 4.

liminal hymn

liminal hymn is a trans mixed-race Black painter, printmaker and collage artist. his work honors hybridity and uplifts the power situated inside in-between spaces.